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Latest Updates on COMEX Silver (US)

Silver bounced back from its 10 DMA on 22nd January 2017 and closed almost flat. Silver opened $17.9600, high $18.0540, low $17.8900 and closed $18.0230. Intraday bulls action expecting once silver holds above $18.0860.

Silver continued its bull trend after breaking its golden ratio resistance. Price of silver closed at $17.9490 after making an intraday high $180740. Silver still looks bullish and intraday price rise expecting if it holds above $180740.

Silver price gain yesterday on 06th February 2017, silver opened $17.73, made a low $17.42, it then bounced back and made a intraday high $17.7490 and closed at $17.73. Experts are saying that silver at resistance and further price expecting once it breaks it resistance level $17.7490.

Comex Silver on 02nd February 2017 witness selling from high $17.7310 and closed in red at $17.300, as the US dollar weakened after dovish comments on US monetary policy by the Federal Reserve.