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Latest Updates on COMEX Gold (US)

Gold on 22nd February 2017 closed with a gain at $1237.31. Gold turned up as $US falters. Gold opened $1235.84, high $1240.34, low $1231.23. Technically gold bounced back after forming doji candle and 20 DMA support zone. Further intraday bulls action expecting once Comex gold holds above $1240.35.

Gold price witnessed rise on 14th February 2017 in morning trades. Gold touched an intraday high at $ 1234.46 but witnessed selling by the prospect of an interest rate increase as early as March and price of gold closed at $1228.20. Technically gold moving up from support $1218.98, further price rise expecting as long as it holds above it support zone.

Gold has continued making its news highs for this year. Yesterday on 06th February 2017, gold opened at $1235.48 and closed with a whooping gains at $1235.48 as worries about political landscape in United states (president policy) and Europe (elections in Netherlands, France and Germany this year). Most analyst are bullish in gold and expecting further price rise in gold.

Gold on 03rd February 2017 closed with a marginal gain at 1219.80. Gold ends higher and its the best weekly gain in seven months. US dollar fell down marginal due to job reports.

Comex gold on 02nd February 2017 touched its 12 week high @ 1225.30 and closed at 1215.81 it is the highest closing since November 17, 2016. For year 2017 gold is up by 6.6% and traders are expecting some more gains.