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Some of the silent feature of services offer by us..

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment advisory services
  • Helping Clients buy and sell
        stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Portfolio Management from expert
  • Designing financial strategies
  • Updates of best investment in the
  • Offer recommendations to
        manage financial risks
  • Negotiating with product suppliers
  • Preparing plans best suited to
  • Updating clients with new and
        existing products and services
  • Investment cum Trading guideline
  • Helping clients to make informed
  • Researching information from
        various sources
  • Determine the worth of an client.
  • Producing financial reports timely.
  • Monitoring of investments and
        making changes if required.
  • Liaising with head office and
        financial services providers.
  • Liaising with other professionals,
        such as estate agents, solicitors
        and valuers.

Services Offered

Financial Planning

We specialize in providing Need-Based Financial solutions using a process oriented Financial.
Planning approach. The advantage of investing with us are:

Portfolio Management from expert
Updates of best investment in the market.
Financial Planning.
Investment cum Trading guideline.

Equity / Bonds /
Mutual Funds

We also arrange the facility of buy/sell products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It offers quick and efficient trading services to all classes of investors. The firm forms a core part of us as we strive to become one of the largest providers of financial services in India

Mutual Fund Advisory

We have experience in studying and analyzing mutual fund scheme. Each scheme that we suggest is chosen after a thorough research & review Under our Mutual Funds Advisory services, we offer you the following services :

Thorough review of your existing Mutual Funds portfolio.
Creation of a fresh Mutual Funds portfolio to suit your individual profile to match considering your risk profile that helps you achieve your financial goals.
Creating of a Mutual Funds Portfolio specifically for Retirement Planning, Planning for Child Education & Marriage, a portfolio to help you buy a House, etc. etc.

Fixed Income / IPO

At "Financial Advisor" Research we provide in-depth analysis of Fixed Income/ IPOs with "Invest or Avoid" recommendations. A significant number of IPOs rated "Invest" by us quoted at about twice their prices. Our "Avoid" list has also panned out well, with a few stocks quoting at a significant discount to the offer price.

Risk Management Advisory

"Financial Advisor" provides independent and specialized risk consulting services.We can help identify and quantify risks& provide solutions to manage them.We will assist you in accomplishing your objectives by employing best practices in the Risk Management arena. We create and implement customized solutions that make clients happier and satisfied.Our solutions extend beyon traditional risk management offerings.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is the process of managing the assets and liabilities of a person.It includes managing choosing and monitoring appropriate investments and allocating funds accordingly. At "Financial Advisor", we advice you on managing all your investments. Our experts will advice you on best investment products in the market that can fetch maximum return considering client's risk taking capability.


"Financial Advisor" Research provides unbiased and independent research in Equity, Commodity, Currency, Fixed Income, Debt Market & Mutual Funds. The team is equipped with state of the art analysis tools, software.