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MCX Holidays

Here we have list of trading holidays for mcx commodity market of India for Year 2017. Proposed list of trading holidays of the Exchange for the calendar year 2017. Visit link to see list of NSE Holidays. and also click link to see free mcx tips.

MCX holidays list for year 2017

Sr. No Particulars Date
Days Morning Session
(10 am to 5 pm)
Evening Session*
(5 pm to 11:55 pm)
1 Republic Day 26-Jan-17 Thursday Closed Closed
2 Mahashivratri 24-Feb-17 Friday Closed Open
3 Holi (2nd day) 13-Mar-17 Monday Closed Open
4 Ram Navami 04-Apr-17 Tuesday Closed Open
5 Mahavir Jayanti 09-Apr-17 Sunday Closed Closed
6 Ambedkar Jayanti /
Good Friday
14-Apr-17 Friday Closed Closed


7 Maharashtra Day 01-May-17 Monday Closed Open
8 Ramzan ID (Id-UI-Fitar) 26-Jun-17 Monday Closed Open
9 Independence Day 15-Aug-17 Tuesday Closed Closed
10 Ganesh Chaturthi 25-Aug-17 Friday Closed Open
11 Bakri ID (Id-UI-Zua) 02-Sep-17 Saturday Closed Closed
12 Dassera 30-Sep-17 Saturday Closed Closed
13 Moharum 01-Oct-17 Sunday Closed Closed
14 Gandhi Jayanti 02-Oct-17 Monday Closed Closed
15 Diwali - Laxmi Pujan 19-Oct-17 Thursday Closed Open **
16 Diwali - Balipratipada 20-Oct-17 Friday Closed Open
17 Guru Nanak Jayanti 04-Nov-17 Saturday Closed Closed
18 Christmas 25-Dec-17 Monday Closed Closed

* 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM/ 9:30 PM for Internationally linked agricultural commodities

** Timings for the Muhurat trading shall be notified by the Exchange subsequently

Please Note: It is possible that list contains some errors and MCX can change holiday date can add or remove some Holidays. you are requested to please check MCX website for confirm dates


MCX holidays list for year 2016

Sr. No Particulars Date
Days Morning Session
(10 am to 5 pm)
Evening Session*
(5 pm to 11:55 pm)
1 New Year`s Day 01-Jan-16 Friday Open Closed
2 Republic Day 26-Jan-16 Tuesday Closed Closed
3 Mahashivratri 07-Mar-16 Monday Closed Open
4 Holi (2nd day) 24-Mar-16 Thursday Closed Open
5 Good Friday 25-Mar-16 Friday Closed Closed
6 Ambedkar Jayanti 14-Apr-16 Thursday Closed Open
7 Ram Navami 15-Apr-16 Friday Closed Open
8 Mahavir Jayanti 19-Apr-16 Tuesday Closed Open
9 Maharashtra Day 01-May-16 Sunday Closed Closed
10 Buddha Purnima 21-May-16 Saturday Closed Closed
11 Ramzan ID (Id-UI-Fitar) 06-July-16 Wednesday Closed Open
12 Independence Day 15-Aug-16 Monday Closed Closed
13 Ganesh Chaturthi 05-Sep-16 Monday Closed Open
14 Bakri ID (Id-UI-Zua) 13-Sep-16 Tuesday Closed Open
15 Gandhi Jayanti 02-Oct-16 Sunday Closed Closed
16 Dassera 11-Oct-16 Tuesday Closed Open
17 Moharum 12-Oct-16 Wednesday Closed Open
18 Diwali - Laxmi Pujan 30-Oct-16 Sunday Closed Open **
19 Diwali - Balipratipada 31-Oct-16 Monday Closed Open
20 Guru Nanak Jayanti 14-Nov-16 Monday Closed Open
21 Id-E-Milad 12-Dec-16 Monday Closed Open
22 Christmas 25-Dec-16 Sunday Closed Closed

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