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  • We have a vast network of finance brokers and can help with organizing your loan. We work in conjunction with many leading banks in order to find the best loan option that suits our client's requirement.

  • Please find attached/below information on house and land packages at Harpley Estate in Wyndham - the fastest growing region of the fastest growing in Australia's fastest growing city Melbourne.

Buy property in Australia

Who is Homecorp Investments?

Homecorp Investments is a real estate organization that has been in operation since 2007 with a collective wealth of over 40 years in experience in the property Investment Industry. Founded by Salinder Singh Kler, who himself has over 22 years experience in the Australian investment property market and we currently have offices in Sydney (head office), Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Homecorp Investments guides overseas buyers to create and build wealth through investment property. Our clients are so pleased with our service that they are starting to refer their friends and family. We provide our clients with choices of properties from all over Australia. With 40 years collective experience, we have managed to source the best builders and developers to provide us with a great choice of properties and in the best areas so that you have great capital growth, strong rents and very reliable tenants.

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Why invest in Australia?

Next to the United States of America, no other nation in the world has been more populated by migrants than Australia. We are indeed one of the most multicultural nations in the world.

The Australian Government has warmly welcomed and encouraged people from all parts of the world to make this country their home, based on the principle espoused by Nelson Mandela that "a country belongs to all those people who make it their home". We have also welcomed with open arms investment in Australian real estate by foreign nationals.

Purchasing a property by parents for their children while they study in Australia. This mainly happens near Universities and Colleges. The students get free accommodation while they are studying here and their parent's investment property that they are living in keeps going up in value. In many cases, when they sell the property, they have recouped what they spent on education and in fact made some money.

Australia has a stable economy with a stable currency.

Your property will be protected by the Australian law. No one else can take control of your property except the owner. The real estate will manage your property and collect rent on your behalf which will then be transferred to your bank account monthly.

High rental returns. We have properties with rental returns as high as 6.8% p.a. This means your rent will most probably pay off your property.

High demand for rental properties with very low vacancy rates.

Australia and India have a double tax agreement. Which means you will only pay tax in Australia and not in India upon selling of your property.

The next stage would be to work out the figures for you. Rate of return on Investment, your initial outlay, expected capital growth and what to expect in the whole investing process.