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Note:- MCX tips mention below on are listed on MCX exchange- these are for educational purpose only. Technical outlook / commenting / general viewpoint below are not for making any kind of position (BUY/SELL). 

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MCX Aluminuim

MCX Aluminium finding strong trend line resistance at current levels @ 108.60, bulls will be favoured once it closes and holds above 108.60.
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MCX Copper

MCX Copper is on bull move and will now find strong trend line resistance around 366, further price rise can be seen once it closes and holds above 366
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Free commodity trading


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Free commodity trading tips

MCX Crude Oil

MCX crude moving up from support zone @ 2880, bulls will be favoured as long as it holds above 2880.
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Free mcx tips India

MCX Gold

MCX Gold witnessing selling pressure from 50% Fibonacci retracement, bears will be favored as long as it holds below 27017.
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MCX tips today

MCX Silver

MCX silver showed a bullish breakout signal as it closed above its golden ratio resistance, further price rise can be seen in coming days.
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Commodity tips

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Commodity trading tips

MCX Natural Gas

natural gas moving up from strong trend line support zone @ 174, bulls will be favored as long as it holds above its support zone. 
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Commodity trading in India

MCX Nickel

MCX nickel closed below its previous bottom as long as it holds above its trend line bears will be favoured as shown in technical chart.
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Best MCX tips

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Free MCX tips


MCX Lead

MCX lead moving up from golden ratio support zone @ 110.50, futher price rise can be seen in coming days.
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MCX trading tips


MCX Zinc

MCX zinc facing strong resistance around 122.45, further price rise can be seen in coming days once it closes and holds above 122.45.
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Commodity Trading Tips

Commodity Trading Tips - 5 Essential Tips to help you?

Commodity trading essentially takes place in the markets that deal with primary or raw products. These products are then traded through exchanges of regulated commodities. As for the commodities, then they are physical substances like lumber, oil, metals, food and likewise. These are traded by the investors through the futures contracts. Investors mostly trade in these items so that they can gain out of the fluctuating price.

5 Essential tips for commodity trading tips.

Enlisted below are 5 essential tips that you can make use of in case you are planning to get into commodity trading.

1. Time frame involved: The idea of trying out different time frames is a good one. Only when you have tried out the different time frames will you be able to choose which one is the best one for you. As an investor you will need to choose the time frame that you are most comfortable to work in. The time frame is important for various purposes like the idea of analyzing the market, placing as well as closing orders. It is advisable that you select a higher time frame because that will give you a bigger picture of the market price movements.

2. The risk reward ratio: Keep this in mind always that when the probability to win a trade as compared to the probability of losing one is smaller, then it's important that you don't trade at all. It's important for you to assess the risk reward ratio prior to getting into the commodities trade. The ratio of 1:2 is considered good at the lowest level, however 1:3 or more is considered even better. This means that the chances of losing are 3 times lesser than your chances of winning. Taking the right trading decision isn't easy, especially in the face of the global economic meltdown which affects the commodity costs to a great extent. Hence the risk reward ratio is so very important.

3. The trend lines: It is a good idea to draw trend lines always. Trend lines happen to be one of the simplest yet powerful tools that you've got as a commodity trader. A trend can basically do 3 things Firstly, it can go up, it can also go down, and apart from these it can go sideways as well.

4. Trend as support or resistance: After you've determined the trend, then you could make use of the line as support or resistance. Say for instance, the market goes up and it falls down again on the trend line, then there are chances that it`ll bounce off the trend line and carry on moving up.

5. The three indicators: It`s advisable that you use the three indicators to confirm your entry into the market. Moving Average Convergence Divergence, stochastic, and the relative strength indicator are a few you could consider. Its also good to use candlestick patterns for better trading decision There are oscillators as well that are quite good when it comes to identifying oversold or overbought market conditions.

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