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BSE - Bombay stock exchange of India

Bombay stock exchange

If someone talks about stock exchange in India then BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) is the first name comes on mind, truly BSE is the most popular stock exchange and the oldest in Asia pacific and its most popular index BSE-Sensex ( click here read more about what is sensex). BSE is located in mumbai (India), the exchange was established in 1875 as the Native Share & Stock Brokers the approximate equity market capitalization of the companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange is $1.63 trillion which makes BSE the 4th largest in Asia and 9th largest in the world.

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BSE most popular index in BSE-SENSEX (was launched in 1986) which contains the India's leading company like ICICI Bank, Reliance Inds, ONGC, TATA Steel, TATA Motors. and many more.

Bombay stock exchange is the first stock exchange recognized by the Government of India in 1956 as per the Securities Contracts Regulation Act, and in year 1986 BSE was developed, but at this time BSE has not adopt electronic system, so as the number of trades increased and BSE need more better way to trade and making it more transparent BSE then introduced electronic trading system in year 1995 which fully replaced the open outcry system, for making it fully operational BSE took only fifty days. BSE trading software is called 'BOLT' (BSE ON LINE TRADING), its a fully automatic trading system which lets traders from all over the world to trade in BSE. More than 5,000 companies shares are traded on Bombay stock exchange.

Mumbai is also known as financial capital of India and all credit goes to BSE. BSE has terminals in all all over India, more than 500 cities. Which lets investors to trade in equity ,derivatives and debt instrument. SENSEX is the primary index of BSE, there are other few indices as well, including BSE-500, BSE-100, BSE-200, BSE-PSU, BSE-MIDCAP, BSE-SMLCAP, BSE-BANKEX, BSE-Tech, BSE-Auto, BSE-Pharma, BSE-FMCG, BSE-Consumer Durables & BSE-Metal.

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