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What Is Stock Market

What Is Stock Market? Some people really get confused between stock market and Financial Markets but they are not completely the same. In simple words a Stock market is a place where stocks, bonds, options and futures, and commodities are traded. Buyers and sellers exchange trade together via platform provided by stock exchange through computers. Trades are done during specific hours on business days Monday Friday. read more.


What Is Financial Markets?

Financial Market are you confused with this term, Then you don't need to, As financial market go by many terms including capital market, wall street , dalal street , even the markets, some people simply say its a stock market, but they actually referring to , stock, shares, bonds and commodity. It is quite simple ay type of financial transaction that help you business grow and make profit for you is financial market , that is in simple terms. read more.


How The Stock Market Works.

Investors confused by stock market whenever they lose money while investing in it. Its better to understanding what is stock market and how it works will help you to make better investment decisions. Luckily market is not very much confusing like it seems to be. Stock market is actually a place where investors can buy and sell shares of a particular company. Main aim of all investors is to get the maximum return on their investment the purpose is to buy the stock before the price goes up and then to sell it before it goes back down. read more.


Trading Methods In Stock Market

Check out the various Trading Methods in stock market

Day Trading , Swing Trading , Trend Trading

read more


What Are Block Deals and Bulk Deals

In 2008, when the stock markets were bearish, many foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and other big investors chose to keep away from the 'block deals' in stocks plunging the trading volumes through such deals by 30 per cent. However, things changed for good and when the Sensex raised by over 47 per cent since March 2009 the long term institutional investors and minority shareholders have started showing interest to raise funds through block deals. read more


5 Essential Commodity Trading Tips

Commodity trading essentially takes place in the markets that deal with primary or raw products. These products are then traded through exchanges of regulated commodities. As for the commodities, then they are physical substances like lumber, oil, metals, food and likewise. These are traded by the investors through the futures contracts. Investors mostly trade in these items so that they can gain out of the fluctuating prices. read more.


National Stock Exchange

National Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange and Financial Market in India in terms of daily turnover and trading volume in both equity and derivative trading. got Established in 1992. NSE got recognized as stock exchange under the Securities Contract Act 1956. Shareholders consist of 20 financial institutions includes banks and insurance companies.. read more.


Golden rule for trading in stock market

Never over trade and do not make hurry to book profit If want to invest Rs.1,00,000 for trading in Share Market then trade only Rs. 50,000. Don�t over trade Rs. 2,00,000. Don�t be hurry for booking profit when market is in positive, wait and watch for right time and then book profit. read more.


Different methods of buying and selling

Let us learn about different methods of buying and selling of shares in stock market for beginners learning series. Following are the two methods of buying and selling of shares in Indian share market. read more.


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